We’re looking for buyers of global-commodities and investors in a global business.

Oferta Productes / Cafè verd
Descripció : We’re based in the UK and we’re producers and exporters of different products from Africa; Green Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Cocoa beans, Tea, Vanilla beans, Seeds plus Fruits and Vegetables. We’re looking for bulk buyers for both Cash and Future markets for any of the products we can supply. We’re looking for all one-off buyers and any company or person that can form a long term business relationship with us. We’re also looking for investor/s that we can work with to turn our business/company into a Global power; by even diversifying our business into trading on futures and commodity exchanges and; to build the portfolio required of joining any of the major stock exchanges if we wish to.
Nom o raó social : Robert Muyanja
País : Tanzania  Cobertura: Internacional
Data publicació : 16/04/14

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