Mount the skimmed milk

1) To use cold, preferredly whole milk.
2) To fill the jar (metallic or of ceramics) with the amount of milk that is going away to consume, never surpassing half of the container.
3) To drain the steam lance.
4) To introduce the fuze 3-4 cm underneath the level of milk.
5) To maintain the jar and the off-center fuze inclined.
6) To open the steam.
7) To control the temperature with the hand.
8) To close the steam. 9) To extract the fuze and to clean it with a humid cloth.
10) To strike the jar to stabilize the bubbles of the superficial foam, breaking greatest.
11) With ondulante movement to spill the foam until the cup fills.

  - Ideal conditions of a machine express
  - Advisable cup
  - Mount the skimmed milk
  - Treatment of the water
  - Maintenance of the express machine
  - The hand of the man