The grinder is a very important element at the time of making coffee. The perfect knowledge of its use will contribute the base to us to obtain a good cup of coffee. A good regulation of the point of ground a constant metering along with is the key to find a regularity in the continued elaboration of coffee cups.


a) The hopper
b) Portafresas or regulator worn out point
c) Dispenser( We can be found in the market three types of metering systems)

    - Handle
    - Automatic
    - Electronic



Prensacafés allows us to equal and to compact the dose of coffee ground in the small saucepan. STARTING SYSTEM:

1. Normal unemployment
2. Automatic unemployment
3. Time-lag


In the market mills of strawberries and rollers exist to obtain the worn out one of the coffee.

The mills of strawberries normally are ventilated by air. The special design of the strawberries assures worn out a complete one and uniforms. The millimetric regulation allows to voluntarily vary the degree of one milling. Inside the molturación camera, the extractors make the mixture, as well as the crushing of the films that have not been ground.

The mills of rollers are cooled by water. The special design of the granuladores rollers assures worn out a complete one and uniforms. The micrometric regulation of each unit of rollers is made easily driving the graduated steering wheel, allowing to vary granolumetria. When coming out of the rollers it is made the mixture and crushing of the films of the grain that have not been ground, and by means of the adjustable device we varied the volume of the worn out coffee.