Grinded coffee

Once toasting the coffee, the toasted grain is ground later to different granulometrías, depending on the type of coffee that is used to prepare the drink.

The three degrees of commercial milling are: thickness, fine means and. The producers recommend a worn out thickness for coffee percoladora, ground average for filter coffee pots and the fine ground one to prepare coffee type express.


The Turkish coffee, the “wine of the consumed Islam” in the Arabia of Century XV, is prepared of simple form: one warms up the together water and the worn out coffee, and the coffee uses as soon as is based at heart of the coffee.


How prepares a cup of the Turkish coffee and how it uses?

Two small spoons of coffee ground in a pequeñito dipper are put and it adds to a cup of water and sugar to the pleasure. It is warmed up to untimed fire removing without stopping until it boils and it makes foam.

 The content in a small, special cup is spilled to take coffee and a water glass uses along with in a tray. A good coffee must have foam of color clearly in the surface, if it does not have this foam, is not considered well prepared. After leaving it rests drinks the liquid and will be I at heart granulate them of worn out coffee of the cup. Formerly the cup against the plate turned around so that the posos fell and with the figures that appear inside the cup and with a little of imagination it read the future. Still today east popular game practices.

Filtered coffee

It is a used method anywhere in the world. Colocoa the coffee in a filter with funnel form and is dropped to him slowly the hot water. The day is drunk specially in the morning and throughout.


The essence of Italy, the express coffee is prepared using a steam pressure that produces a dark infusion, frothy more intense than the filtered coffee, but with contained caffein minor.


The napolitano percolador

In spite of its name, the napolitana coffee was invented by the French Louis-Bernard Rabaud in 1822. It consists of two invested cones, screwed hermetically at the level of a metallic filter, in which a fine moltura is put.

The coffee goes directly on the fire. The water, that is put in the inferior part, boils. The steam raises the superior part, after to have crossed the moltura. Such process does not give the best results. The too high temperature of the water partially destroys the aromas of the coffee.