Chicken to the coffee

Ingredients for 4 people:

2 teeth of garlic crushed
1 chicken of 1 1/2 kg.
1 cup of coffee very hard
2 spoonfuls of flour
1 cup of dry white wine
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper ground
1/2 mejorana teaspoon
1 pig small butter cup
Salt and 1 onion


Smear the chicken with the butter, to salar and to pimentar. Cut the onion in rodajas.
Place the chicken in a source, to throw the wine to him and a small water cup.
Put the chicken in the furnace and to cook until it gilds. To from time to time throw superficially its own sauce to him.
When it is gilded, to retire of the furnace and to place the chicken in a plate.
Spill the juice of the source in a small casserole and to add crushed garlic, the coffee, the mejorana and the weak flour in a little water. To mix. Place the casserole to the fire and to remove until the sauce thickens. Return to place the chicken in the furnace source, spilling superficially the sauce. To introduce in the furnace 10 minutes.