5 clear of egg
200 sugar g luster
100 g of mantequilla
100 flour g
1 flour teaspoon
1 dust leavening teaspoon
2 teaspoons of coffee

For the sauce:
4 oranges
3 spoonfuls of sugar
2 spoonfuls of mantequilla
1 maize flour teaspoon
1 cotoot of rum
1 egg yolk


We beat the clear ones with the sugar until queestén very firm and added with well-taken care of mantequilla fused, the flour mixed with the leavening and the soluble coffee.
We spill it in a sponge cake mold that abremos greased with mantequilla and dusted with flour. We cook it to the smooth furnace during 30 minutes.
We stripped once one has cooled off and we served it accompanied as the orange sauce.
In order to make the sauce:
We expressed the juice of the oranges and added 3 water glasses. We added to the rallada crust of an orange and the maize flour dissolved in a little cold water. We cook it until it thickens.
To retire of the fire and to add to the sugar and mantequilla beating until well it is mixed. We added the yolk and we cook to the bath Maria more during 3 minutes.
When the sauce has cooled off we added the rum.